Sigmund Freud (1856–1939) The father of psychology, who was an Austrian neurologist, and the founder of psychoanalysis, said once;

“Words have a magical power. They can bring either the greatest happiness or deepest despair; they can transfer knowledge from teacher to student; words enable the orator to sway his audience and dictate its decisions. Words are capable of arousing the strongest emotions and prompting all men’s actions.”

Have you ever heard about them, which plays one of the significant roles in your intangible identity of whole being? Have you ever thought about them, who plays an indispensable role to represent your personality to the whole world? Have you even got some time to think about those who stay and live within you for decades? Yes! I’m talking about none other than one of the powerful phenomena, the strength, which we all have been taught in our childhood that’s the words.

How many of us actually self-conscious about the words we speak in our daily life? Can we really control the words or we are being controlled by them? Words not only control you but also controls the entire human nation. An individual’s life and even everything the person is associated with. Don’t dare to compartmentalize the relationship between you and your stock of words. Word is one of the most influential and powerful weapons in the world, you can possibly provide with someone, to build or to destroy, break or make, unite or dispersal! Each word has its frequency, sound, shape, depth, context, way of expression, and most importantly, its cultural value & identity just like you & me. Be extra conscious with words you speak every time because the words you affirm become the house you live in.

The brutal fact is that nothing is in your control in this world, but you can definitely & entirely be able to control & take charge of your surrounding through your state of mind by the words what you think about yourself and the situations. How we think that’s very deep & important because it’s a fact that human suffers more in their imagination rather than is in actual reality. You can do things by words that are actually beyond the imagination.

You can give life to the person just listen to their words who are suffering from depression, grief and brain trauma. You can give them life & hope to live by saying a few your warm & kind words only. On another side, you can brutally destroy anyone in few seconds even before gets time & opportunity to bloom! You can use your words to speak the truth to strengthen your character and to establish a long-term healthy & trustworthy relationship with others & yourself, or You can manipulate the entire definition of humanity to get a short- term happiness & success by losing the trust and respect from being a human by using your words to manipulate (a trait of psychopath). Always remember one thing, trust builds in drops by millions of your words, but it always loose in buckets by very few of them. Words hold the power & strength of your character depending on their art of usage.

You become much more powerful & able to hold yourself up always at a higher state, at the time of argument, in the moment of anger through self-control, if you truly have the real authority over your words. We all know that calmness is an expression of superpower, authority, strength & high self-esteem. We all became weak, protective, aggressive, rude, and angry and lose our self-control as well as our confidence when we feel afraid of something, and it’s only the expression of fear & weaknesses! When we sense any threat whether it’s real or imaginative, the predatory system of our brain gets activated and we started feeling in danger, insecure, and for that consequences of our behavioral patterns get changed automatically to feel secure, protective and stay grounded by attacking others with words. At that moment We start to think fast and act accordingly.

Let’s see how human think!

We human think or imagine either in images or in words. Every image has its specific word of expression to think & to visualize, and that’s how every moment, whenever we visualize about something, every signal is sent to the cognitive part of the human brain through billions of neurons in just a fraction of a millisecond. The human brain thinks in two different way. (1)Fast thinking, as an example (what you had at lunch?) but it takes and demands much more time when our brain tries to seek a solution to a complex problem or situation is called analytical thinking process, considered as a (2) Slow thinking (24*17= ???).

It’s the fact that if you have more control over your words, you gain more power over yourself & outside of the world. Words control everything, who you choose to become, and what you get the response from others. The foundation of any relationship whether it’s a private or a business, for an individual or a nation, entirely depends on the spoken or written words. That’s why communication skill is so important and it does actually matter!

Writing is one of the ancient exercises of power(Hieroglyphs, first invented in Egypt in 3000 BCE) to slow down your (analytical) thinking ability in order to make an important decision, and it enhances the authority over words and oneself to take control. Writing teaches each one of us how to think! And if you can Think, and Speak, and Write coherently & articulately; you become absolutely deadly! Nothing can stop you to get on your way! The only problem with writing is that no one will tell you why you should teach yourself to write something! Why you should learn to think to be articulate and powerful! Thinking can win the battle you undertake, and if you are not able to think, and speak, and write clearly what you think that bugs you every time, then you are weak and suffering. Therefore, the best responsibility you can choose to teach yourself to write to control over your words, mind, & better life!



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Kaustav Banerjee

Kaustav Banerjee

"Whether it is human or a book, I read like the flame reads the wood."